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Yumi Iwashita yumi @ ieee.org
2014年 5月 29日 (木) 13:59:23 JST




論文,およびワークショップ提案締め切りは 6月30日 となっております.


  Fifth International Conference on Emerging Security Technologies (EST 2014)

               Alcala de Henares, Spain, September 10-12, 2014


<< About the conference >>
The Emerging Security Technologies (EST) Conference is a leading Euro-Asia
technology forum  dedicated to the presentation and discussion of new ideas
and concepts in emerging  technologies that span applications from personal
biometrics to national security. Previous EST  Conferences were organized
in Canterbury, UK, in 2010 and Preston, UK, in 2011, and Lisbon,  Portugal,
in 2012, Cambridge, Uk, in 2013, while precursor meetings, the International
Symposium on Defense and Security, ISDS-2006, was held in Iasi, Romania, and
the Bio-inspired Learning and Intelligent Systems for Security Symposia,
BLISS 2007-2009, were held in  Edinburgh, UK.
All papers will be published by IEEE.

<< Topics >>
The conference invites security-oriented contributions in the following areas
*Adaptive methods  *Anti-tamper technologies  *Autonomous systems
*Behavioral biometrics  *Bio-inspired technologies  *Cancelable biometrics
*Cognitive biometrics  *Compressive sampling  *Computer vision  *Cryptography
*Decision-making systems  *Detection and tracking  *Detectors and sensors
*Distributed computing  *Encryption ciphers  *Forensics  *Formal verification
*Intelligent Systems  *Machine learning  *Mobile hotspots
*Modeling and simulation  *Multi-spectral processing  *Pattern recognition and
classification techniques  *Physiological biometrics  *Prediction techniques
*Probabilistic methods  *Reverse engineering  *Secure dedicated ASIC
*Secure FPGA  *Sensor and information fusion  *Soft-computing methods
*Steganography  *System engineering  *Trusted ICs Application Areas  *Air and
space security  *Crime detection and prevention  *Critical infrastructure
systems  *Cyber-physical security  *Cyberspace security  *Data center
virtualization  *Decision support systems  *Detection and prevention of
identity theft  *Digital rights management  *Distributed authentication
*Early warning systems  *Embedded security  *Emergency response systems
*Financial systems  *Geographical information systems (GIS)
*Grid and cloud computing  *Human-centric systems ID and biometric security
*Information hiding  *IP protection  *Intrusion detection  *Medical devices
*Mobile computing and infotainment systems  *P2P commerce  *Perimeter, border
and homeland security  *Personal and legal records management
*Public utilities and transit  *Remote sensing, monitoring, surveillance
*Tele-healthcare  *Training systems  *Wireless security

<< Dates and Deadlines >>
June 30: Proposals for tutorials and workshops
June 30: Full-length papers
July 20: Author notification
July 30: Camera-ready papers

<< Committees >>
* General Co-Chairs:
 Yumi Iwashita, Kyushu University, Japan
 Svetlana Yanushkevich, University of Calgary, Canada

* Program Chair:
 Adrian Stoica, NASA/JPL, USA

Yumi Iwashita, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor,  Kyushu University
Affiliate Researcher, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Tel: +81 92 802 3605
email: yumi @ ieee.org

岩下 友美
九州大学大学院システム情報科学研究院 助教
ジェット推進研究所 客員研究員
Tel: 092 802 3605
email: yumi @ ieee.org

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