[image 01067] Special Lectures about Smart Cities

Koichi Kise kise @ cs.osakafu-u.ac.jp
2015年 2月 4日 (水) 15:05:37 JST

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日時:2015年2月12日 13:30-15:30




13:30-14:30: Talk by Dr. H. Fujisawa
14:30-15:30: Talk by Prof. Dr. A. Dengel

(1) Dr. Hiromichi Fujisawa,
    ex-Vice President of the IEC
    Corporate Chief Scientist,
    Research & Development Group
    Hitachi, Ltd.

International Standardization and Smart City Initiatives

The speaker was a Vice President of the IEC, an international standard
development organization in the field of electrotechnologies, from 2009
to 2014 with a responsibility of the overall management of the IEC’s
conformity assessment activities as being the Chairman of IEC Conformity
Assessment Board. He will talk about the role and activities of such an
international organization especially for deployment of innovative ideas
and technologies like Smart City and Smart Grid. From his experience at
the IEC, he will emphasize the significance of broad stakeholders of
industrial and other countries to come together, discuss and solve
technical issues, and develop international standards. These activities
not only pave the way for the successful applications of such ideas and
technologies but also identify key points for their success. The speaker
will introduce what they have learned from three invited presenters at
the Council Open Session of the IEC General Meeting held in Tokyo in
November last year. The invited presenters were the leaders of three
Smart City initiatives represented from Amsterdam, Hawaii and Indonesia,
respectively. When appropriate, Hitachi’s technologies around Smart City
ideas will also be introduced.

(2) Prof. Dr. Andreas Dengel
  Head of Knowledge Management Department
    German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

SmartCities – Building a Feedback-Loop between Humans, Actions and the City


Cities are continuously evolving. The stage of construction and
development is followed by the introduction of facilities and services
that enrich urban live. However, growth decelerates and new challenges
arise, requiring cities to redefine themselves and undergo a continuous
cycle of renewal and redevelopment. Thus, cities these days should be
considered as a creation space to reach a higher level of
competitiveness in order to become more democratic, more clean, more
sustainable, enjoyable as well as more valuable.

In this talk I like to address the recently founded Smart City Lab
Kaiserslautern aiming at the implementation of a feedback loop between
citizens, actions and the city. I will show first results,  innovative
technologies, and new ideas that comprise means for sensing and
understanding, for interaction and use, as well as for participation and
creation, which are not only used in Kaiserslautern but also in other
European cities. The presented projects comprise e.g. large scale
application for crowd sensing and monitoring, visual traffic flow
analysis, mobile sensing via public transportation, event based stress
monitoring, augmented community services and event apps, eDemocracy in
urban environments, as well as mobile park zone management system.
Koichi Kise, Ph.D., Professor
Dept. of Computer Science and Intelligent Systems,
Graduate School of Engineering,
Osaka Prefecture University
1-1 Gakuencho, Naka, Sakai, Osaka 599-8531, Japan
Phone: +81-72-254-9276 FAX: +81-72-254-8291
E-mail: kise @ cs.osakafu-u.ac.jp, kise @ ieee.org,
        kise @ acm.org, kise @ computer.org
Web: http://imlab.jp/~kise/

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