[image 01864] Re: Call for Papers: IWRR 2016 (in conjunction with ECCV 2016)

Masakazu Iwamura masa @ cs.osakafu-u.ac.jp
2016年 6月 13日 (月) 09:56:31 JST


以前お送りしましたInternational Workshop on Robust Reading 

また、ECCV / ACM 

キーノートトークには、Google Deep Mindの研究者も来てくれることになりました。


=======  CFP – ECCV WS 2nd International Workshop on Robust Reading =======

                               Call for papers

                 2nd International Workshop on Robust Reading
                         (in conjunction with ECCV 2016)
           October 9, 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


IWRR aims at bringing together computer vision researchers and practitioners
with an interest in reading systems that operate on images acquired in
unconstrained conditions, such as scene images and video sequences, 
images, wearable camera and lifelog feeds, social media images, etc. The
particular focus of the workshop is on the automatic extraction and
interpretation of textual content in images, and applications that use 
information obtained automatically by such methods.

The workshop aims to offer a forum for researchers to share experiences and
latest results in the area, and to discuss current trends and the 
evolution of
the Robust Reading Competition (RRC) which has attracted to date over 1,500
researchers and more than four thousand submissions. Reporting recent 
results on
standard datasets such as the ICDAR RRC 2015 dataset on incidental scene 
text or
the Coco-Text dataset is particularly encouraged.

All submitted papers will be reviewed by at least three members of the 
committee. Paper acceptance will be based on originality, novelty, technical
soundness, and clarity of presentation. Proceedings for all ECCV 2016 
will be published with Springer.

Fresh paper submissions as well as re-submissions of improved versions of
rejected ECCV / ACM Multimedia papers (submitted along with the original
reviews) are welcome. The topics of interest include among others:

-          Scene text localisation, segmentation, and recognition
-          Reading scene and/or overlaid text in video sequences
-          Word spotting
-          End-to-end reading systems
-          Text localisation and recognition in born-digital images
-          Restoration of camera captured paper documents
-          Quality estimation and degradation modelling of 
camera-captured text
-          Performance evaluation and metrics
-          Robust reading applications
-          Graphical content interpretation in complex settings

Confirmed Invited Speakers
Dr Max Jaderberg (Google Deep Mind, UK)
Dr Serge Belongie (Cornell Tech, USA)

Important Dates
Submission deadline:                                        June 20, 2016
Deadline for resubmitted ECCV / ACM Multimedia papers:      July 7, 2016
Author Notification:                                        July 11, 2016
Camera Ready:                                               July 24, 2016

Workshop Chairs
D. Karatzas       (Spain)
M. Iwamura        (Japan)
J. Matas          (Czech Republic)
P.S. Kompalli     (India)
F. Shafait        (Pakistan)

Programme Committee
J. Almazan        (France)
A.D. Bagdanov     (Italy)
S. Belongie       (USA)
W. Fan            (China)
L. Gomez          (Spain)
A. Gordo          (France)
M. Jaderberg      (UK)
C.V. Jawahar      (India)
C.-L. Liu         (China)
S. Lu             (Singapore)
G. Meng           (China)
M. Mirmehdi       (UK)
P. Natarajan      (USA)
L. Neumann        (Czech Republic)
A. Nicolaou       (Spain)
W. Ohyama         (Japan)
U. Pal            (India)
M. Paluri         (France)
V.R. Chandrasekhar (Singapore)
J.A. Rodriguez    (Spain)
M. Rusiñol        (Spain)
P. Shivakumara    (Malaysia)
R. Smith          (USA)
S. Uchida         (Japan)
E. Valveny        (Spain)
J. Weinman        (USA)
X.-C. Yin         (China)
H. Yu             (USA)


   Masakazu Iwamura, Ph.D.
	Associate Professor
	Dept. of Computer Science and Intelligent Systems
	Graduate School of Engineering
	Osaka Prefecture University
	1-1 Gakuencho, Naka, Sakai, Osaka 599-8531, Japan
	Tel  : +81-72-254-9277     Fax  : +81-72-254-8291
	Web: http://imlab.jp/~masa/

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