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2017年 1月 25日 (水) 06:52:48 JST

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NTT コミュニケーション科学基礎研究所/University College 
2017年10月23日〜26日の日程で米国San Antonioにて開催される
国際会議「Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII 2017)」の
Call for Papers etc.をGeneral Chairs (Dr Carlos Busso, Dr Julien Epps)の

今年は感情円環モデルで有名なProf. James 


ACII 2017 - Call for Papers
Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction
October 23-26, 2017 San Antonio, Texas

Call for papers
The Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing (AAAC) 
invites you to join us at our seventh International Conference on 
Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII), which will be 
held in San Antonio, Texas on October 23-26, 2017. The Conference series 
is the premier international forum for interdisciplinary research on the 
design of systems that can recognize, interpret, and simulate human 
emotions and related affective phenomena.

A selection of the best articles will appear in a “Best of ACII2017” 
special section of IEEE’s Transactions on Affective Computing. 
Proceedings will be submitted for inclusion to IEEE Xplore. The theme of 
ACII2017 is “Affective Computing in Action,” highlighting the impact of 
affective computing technologies in the wider world.

ACII2017 will feature a broad program, with regular talks, posters, 
demos, workshops, special sessions and a doctoral consortium. James 
Russell (Boston University, USA; 
http://emotiondevelopmentlab.weebly.com) is confirmed as the keynote 

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
•         Recognition of Human Affect: Uni- or multimodal recognition of 
affect from face, body, gesture, voice text, or physiology; affective 
face/body animation; expression and gesture recognition; sentiment analysis
•         Synthesis of Human Affect: Affective speech synthesis, 
modeling and animation, synthesis of auditory affect bursts, synthesis 
of multimodal affective behavior
•         Affective Interfaces: Affective brain-computer interfaces, 
design of affective loop and affective dialog systems; mobile, tangible, 
haptic and virtual/augmented interfaces; affectively-smart environments; 
affectively proactive interfaces
•         Social and Behavioral Science Involving Affective Computing: 
Cognitive affective models; models of moral decision-making; tools for 
social science research; computational models of emotion; psychological 
factors in affective computing (personality, culture); ethical issues; 
dyadic and group affective processes
•         Affective and Social Robotics and Virtual Agents: Emotions in 
robot cognition and action, embodied issues in emotion; affective 
virtual agents; memory, reasoning, and learning of affective systems; 
affective architectures for virtual & robotic systems
•         Affective Applications: Databases and tools; biometrics; 
medical; assistive; virtual reality; entertainment; education; ambient 
intelligence; industrial

Important dates
Proposals for workshops: February 24, 2017
Proposals for tutorials: April 21, 2017
Regular paper submission: May 2, 2017
Doctoral consortium submission: June 9, 2017
Demos submission: July 21, 2017

General Chairs:
Carlos Busso, UT Dallas, USA
Julien Epps, Univ. of NSW, AU

Program Chairs:
Hayley Hung, TU Delft, NL
Emily Mower Provost, UM, USA
Mohammad Soleymani, U. of Geneva, CH

Local Organizing Chair:
Ricardo Gutierrez, TAMU, USA

Special Session Chairs:
Stefan Scherer, USC, USA
Nick Cummins, Univ. Passau, DE

Tutorial Chairs:
Georgios Yannakakis, Univ. of Malta, Malta
Rafael Calvo, Univ. of Sydney, AU

Workshop Chairs:
Björn Schuller, Imp. College, UK
Joost Broekens, TU Delft, NL

Doctoral Consortium Chairs:
Sidney D’Mello, Notre Dame, USA
Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, UCL, UK

Demo Chairs:
Ehsan Hoque, Univ. Rochester, USA
Marcello Mortillaro, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, CH

Publicity Chairs:
Michel Valstar, Nottingham, UK
Ronald Poppe, Univ. of Utrecht, NL

Publication Chairs:
Dongmei Jiang, NPU, China
Fabien Ringeval, UGA, France

Sponsorship Chairs:
Yang Liu, Facebook, USA
Elizabeth Shriberg, SRI, USA
Daniel McDuff, MSR, USA

Web Chair:
Soroosh Mariooryad, Google, USA

Shiro Kumano, PhD
Honorary Research Associate, University College London
Research Scientist, NTT Communication Science Laboratories
E-MAIL: shiro.kumano @ ucl.ac.uk, kumano.shiro @ lab.ntt.co.jp

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