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imiya @ faculty.chiba-u.jp imiya @ faculty.chiba-u.jp
2019年 8月 6日 (火) 18:30:18 JST



Image and Pattern Analysis for Multidisciplinary Computational Anatomy
26 th November, 2019, Auckland, New Zealand
in conjunction to 5th Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition


Important Dates
Submission deadline         5th September 2019 (No extension)(In the
same week of ACPR notification)
Author notification        25th September 2019
Final manuscript           15th October   2019

We call for papers for applications of the methods to anatomy, autopsy,
biopsy, physiology and nano-biology. The expected areas for
contributions are following. But all aspects of mathematical treatment
medical imaging and image analysis are welcome.
・Combinatorial and probabilistic methods for biomedical imaging and
image analysis
・Optimisation and inverse methods for biomedical imaging and image
・Discrete and digital geometry and topology for biomedical image and
pattern analysis
・Theoretical aspects of multimodal biomedical image and pattern
・Machine learning and neural networks in multimodal and volumetric
biomedical images and pattern analysis  
・Methodologies for validation of results without ground truth for
medical computer vision and pattern recognition
・Analysis of images captured by high- and low-speed shutter camera
・Applications of MCA to computational precision medicine and nano-

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