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Ichiro IDE ide @ i.nagoya-u.ac.jp
2020年 12月 30日 (水) 15:52:00 JST

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マルチメディア分野のトップ会議の一つ,ACM ICMR2021@台北では,以下のよ


[[[ Call for Special Session Proposals ]]]
ACM ICMR is one of the leading Conference series in the Multimedia
research field. In 2021, ACM ICMR will be held in Taipei, Taiwan
during July 12 and 15.

We are planning to host one or more Special Sessions on innovative
and frontier topics in the field of multimedia retrieval. Special
sessions differentiate from the regular sessions in the sense that
they address very specific problems or very focused communities. They
should attract the presentation of innovative contributions in the
targeted narrow domain. The Special Session papers (6 pages) will
appear in the ACM ICMR 2021 proceedings and will be presented at the
conference in a dedicated oral session. A typical Special Session
should target around 4-5 accepted papers.

[[ Important Dates ]]
- Proposal Submission Due:		Jan. 15, 2021
- Proposal Notification of Acceptance:	Jan. 31, 2021 (Tentative)
<For Accepted Special Sessions>
- Paper Submission Deadline:		Feb. 21, 2021
- Paper Acceptance Notification:	Apr. 11, 2021
- Camera Ready Submission Deadline:	May   1, 2021

[[ Submission Instructions ]]
Proposals should be submitted by email to the Special Session Chairs,
either in plain-text or PDF format. Please include the following
 - Title of the proposed Special Session
 - Description of the importance of the topic and the rationale for
   the proposal
 - Identification of the target audience and how the topic is related
   to ACM ICMR
 - A brief bio and contact information of the organizers
 - A tentative / confirmed list of invited papers (titles /
   affiliations / authors; if the case)
 - Information about any supporting projects (if the case)

[[ Evaluation of the Proposals ]] 
Proposals will be evaluated based on topic appropriateness for ACM
ICMR, its relevance and potential impact in the targeted field, the
experience of the organizers, the potential in attracting high quality
submissions, and the overall quality of the written proposal.

[[ Contact ]]
For any question regarding special session submissions, please email
the Special Session chairs:
 - Shuqiang JIANG, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
   (sqjiang @ ict.ac.cn)
 - Ichiro IDE, Nagoya University, Japan
   (ide @ i.nagoya-u.ac.jp)
■ 井手 一郎 					    ide @ i.nagoya-u.ac.jp  ■
■ 名古屋大学 数理・データ科学教育研究センター 基盤教育部門		  ■
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■	電話/ファクシミリ:(052)789-3313[直通]			  ■
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■ 	WWW: http://www.murase.is.i.nagoya-u.ac.jp/~ide/index-j.html

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