[image 03853] 講演会(1/20)のご案内

Akihiro Sugimoto sugimoto @ nii.ac.jp
2020年 1月 8日 (水) 16:20:52 JST



日時: 1月20日(月曜) 16:30 - 17:30

場所: 国立情報学研究所 20F 2005号室

講演者: Dr. Yukiko Kenmochi 
  (CNRS Research Associate at Laboratoire d'Informatique
  Gaspard-Monge, Universite Paris-Est, France)

タイトル: Hierarchy processing with graphs

Hierarchical data analysis is useful and became very popular in image
processing recently. The theory of hierarchical image representations have
been well studied in Mathematical Morphology, and it provides a useful
framework to treat objects or regions in digital images taking into account
theirs scales and inclusion relations. In this talk, we first explain that
such hierarchies can be represented by edge-weighted graphs. Thanks to this
graphical framework for hierarchies, some hierarchical problems are
re-written as re-weighting edge-weighted graphs if they can be considered
as problems of transforming/modifying hierarchies. We show how to make such
re-weighting efficiently for
(1) hierarchizing image segmentation algorithms, and
(2) removing non-significant regions in hierarchical


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