[image 03874] [CFP] The 12th Workshop on Multimedia for Cooking and Eating Activities (CEA2020)

Katsufumi INOUE inoue @ cs.osakafu-u.ac.jp
2020年 1月 23日 (木) 14:31:35 JST





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The Twelfth Workshop on
Multimedia for Cooking and Eating Activities (CEA2020)

in conjunction with
ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval 2020 (ICMR2020)

Dublin, Ireland
June 8, 2020

Web: https://sigcea.org/workshop/2020/


Cooking is one of the most fundamental activities of humankind. It
is not only connected with the joy of eating but also deeply affects
various aspects of human life such as health, culinary art,
entertainment, and human communication. Cooking at home requires
experience and knowledge. They may also need support for food-logging
and menu planning for their family health. Needless to say, support
for a good and enjoyable meal would improve the quality of life.
Systematic cooking/eating support for elderly or physically
challenged people is also significantly important.

Since a cooking activity requires people to manipulate foods, watch
their conditions, listen to the sounds, smell the aromas, and taste it,
a cooking assistive system should also be capable of handling multiple
sensitivities. CEA has been aiming to provide an opportunity for such
research groups to discover each other, introduce their trials, and
discuss their status and where they should go. The research community
of CEA is truly interdisciplinary, including health science, domestic
science, and cultural science. Even if we limit ourselves to computer
science, there is related work in multimedia, human-computer interaction,
natural language processing, data mining, and artificial intelligence.

As the twelfth meeting of this workshop series, it aims to provide an
opportunity for such research groups to discover each other, introduce
their trials, and discuss how it should be and where they should go.

- Application for cooking / eating support
- Cooking / eating archiving and recognition
- Learning contents creation for cooking
- Analysis of cooking / eating video
- Recipe image / video retrieval
- Analysis and utilization on cooking recipe
- Menu planning, dietary management, and food log
- Artificial agent for cooking/eating activity
- Sensing of taste / smell / texture
- Food communication (human-to-human / human-to-computer communication)
- Ubiquitous environment and interface in kitchen / dining room
- Intelligent home appliance
- Cooking navigation interface for the dementia and physically 
challenged person support
- Multimedia learning contents for dietary
- Multimedia information service for food safety and security
- Analysis of Web contents on cooking / eating activities
- Dataset and tools for cooking / eating activity analysis and benchmarking
- Robotic kitchen/dining

[Important Dates]
- Title and abstract registration deadline
     March 9, 2020
- Paper submission deadline
     March 12, 2020
- Notification of acceptance
     March 28, 2020
- Camera-ready deadline
     April 15, 2020

[Paper Format and Review Criteria]
The length of papers is limited to 6 pages in the ACM proceedings format.
All papers will be reviewed by more than two experts based on:
- Originality of the content
- Quality of the content based on evaluation
- Relevance to the theme
- Clarity of the written presentation

[Organizing Committee]
- General chair:
     Ichiro Ide (Nagoya Univ., JP)
- Program chair:
     Yoko Yamakata (The Univ. of Tokyo, JP)
     Atsushi Hashimoto (Kyoto Univ., JP)
- Organizing co-chairs:
     Keisuke Doman (Chukyo Univ., JP)
- Publicity co-chairs:
     Shinsuke Nakajima (Kyoto Sangyo Univ., JP)
     Katsufumi Inoue (Osaka Prefecture Univ., JP)
- Advisory co-chairs:
     Kiyoharu Aizawa (The Univ. of Tokyo, JP)

contact @ workshop.sigcea.org

[Past Activities]
Web: https://sigcea.org/workshop/
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